Postage and packaging

We are committed to ensuring our meat arrives on your doorstep in the best condition possible. To ensure this is achieved all meat is frozen and sent via a 24hr courier in insulated packaging. Our packaging has been tested and will hold meat at in an acceptable temperature range for 48hrs allowing a little wiggle room in case the worst happens. If a package ever arrives thawed we ask you to take a picture immediately to allow us to process your refund and to give this to our couriers. 

We believe in being environmentally friendly not oy in our farming but also in our business practices so we use the fabulous Woolcool for our insulated packaging. The sleeves of felted wool are 100% biodegradable so there is no horrible polystyrene to get rid of. If you want to throw it in your bin it will quickly disappear at landfill but we recommend you do something more exciting. If you need inspiration check out #letsboxclever but to start you off here's a few uses we like:

  • Continue to use the box, ice packs and wool to insulate frozen items
  • Put the wool on your veg patch to repel slugs and snails
  • Lag outside pipes, taps or hoses to protect against frost
  • Sow several together to make a fetching coat
  • Uses our really only limited by your time and imagination but feel comforted in the fact that you are not contributing to waste in an destructive way.

Our courier delivery option is free for orders over £50 or £15 for carts under £50.