We are slowly growing our herd of Anglo Nubian goats. Our five girls Maud, Beryl, Edna, Gladys and Mavis are bred once a year. Anglo Nubians are known for large kidding numbers with twins the norm but triplets and quads quite possible. Some kids are kept to be bred  in later years whilst others go for meat.

We milk these girls once a day allowing their kids to drink for the rest. This is called co-milking and allows us to provide raw goats milk for our customers and our sister company Goatally Soaps. 

Like our cows the goats are moved regularly to fresh grass. This mimicks the movement of a wild herd of goats and is best both for them and for the pasture. Moving our goats regularly also allows parasites to leave the ground before the goats return. This saves us having to worm unnecessarily