Meat Subscription Boxes

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Our subscription meat boxes save you ever worrying about buying meat again. These boxes, posted to your door for free, represent great value as you get far more meat for the money than if you were to buy the cuts individually. Different sized boxes have been created to help you find what you are looking for but for best value why not club up with friends to buy the biggest you can?

Meat boxes contents will vary in terms of cuts and animal (unless you select the pork box). We will always include a range of small easy to cook products and larger roasting joints and balance the boxes across at least two meat types.

An example using a 5kg box:

0.5kg beef shin, 0.5kg casserole steak. 0.7kg rolled goat breast, 0.7kg pork belly slices, 0.9kg pork shoulder, 0.8kg rolled pork loin, 0.4kg pork chops, 0.5kg pork mince.

We will be adding different boxes to suit the seasons but do get in touch if there is a box you would like to see...


Boxes available:

The Pork Box - 5kg of assorted pork -£50

Small meat box - 5kg of meat -£50

Medium meat box - 7kg of meat -£70

Large meat box - 10kg of meat -£100